Research Areas

The following CANASTEMM faculty and their research interests are listed below.


  • Burden, Annette M. : Research interests include computational numerical analysis, nonlinear systems, Hopf points, B-points, Triple-points, online education
  • Burden, Edward R.: Research interests include electromagnetics, gyrotropic behavior of materials, antenna design and simulation, computational electromagnetics, numerical analysis.
  • Burden, Richard L.: Research interests include applied numerical analysis, numerical linear algebra, solutions to partial differential equations, and nonlinear systems
  • Jalics, Jozsi: Mathematical and Computational Neuroscience: activity patterns in neuronal networks; Dynamical Systems: geometric singular perturbation theory, bifurcation theory; Mathematical Biology: developing and analyzing models for biological processes
  • Prieto Langarica, Alicia: Research interests include mathematical biology, biomedical engineering, agent based modeling.
  • Nguyen, Nguyet Thi: Research interests include stochastic process, Markov chains, financial and actuarial models, acceptance-rejection algorithms, and Monet Carlo and quasi Monte Carlo simulations.