Purpose: Dr. Annette M. and Dr. Richard L. Burden, professors in the department of Mathematics and Statistics at Youngstown State University, created the Center for Applied Numerical Analysis in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicine (CANASTEMM) as an endowment to Youngstown State University. CANASTEMM was established as an interdisciplinary mechanism to support and encourage applied numerical analysis research of students and faculty in the STEMM disciplines at Youngstown State University. The CANASTEMM CHALLENGE was created to provide undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to showcase their research projects to the university community and reward the two top students with a small financial stipend.

Eligibility: If you are a YSU student working on a research project in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, or medicine that uses applied numerical analysis, you are eligible to enter the CANASTEMM CHALLENGE.

Prize: Dr. Annette M. and Dr. Richard L. Burden will award a $100 cash gift certificate to the undergraduate and graduate winners of the challenge.

Call for Papers: Commencing Spring term 2017, with their faculty project supervisor, undergraduate and graduate students can submit their research to the CANASTEMM CHALLENGE through QUEST. Students must  register for both QUEST and CANASTEMM. The links can be found below.

Judges: CANASTEMM will be judged in collaboration with QUEST 2017 subject to CANASTEMM criteria.

Information links:

Important Dates:

  • Submission of Project Registration Form: 2/25/17
  • Project Submission Due: 3/17/17
  • Presentation at QUEST: 4/4/17